• My coaching experience with Dr. O'Connor has helped me realize my potential and given me a plan of action to continue moving forward and reach my goals.  I am grateful for the opportunity to work with her and the positive difference it has made for me.

    Amy Rojas
  • I want to take this opportunity to thank you so much for our coaching sessions. Your questioning style made me feel comfortable and relaxed so I could express myself freely. Your ability to probe into details helped me to identify my own answers. Your skills are impressive and motivated me in such a way that I know my goals are easily attainable. I wish you continued success in your coaching profession.

    James Kariyaparambil
  • Dr. Wendy O'Connor is a very special therapist. She is uniquely astute when it comes to identifying real issues. Patients and families alike respond beautifully to her honest, non-judgemental approach. She is a broadly competent therapist and is equally accessible to patients of all ages. She is an excellent professional communicator as well. I am always pleased when a new opportunity to share a patient with Dr. O'Connor arises. I trust her work and find her to be a pleasure to collaborate with.

    Dr. Brandy Cohen-Brown D.O. (Child, Adolescent and Adult Psychiatrist)
  • I have worked with Dr. O'Connor for over three years in various treatment capacities and am always impressed and struck by her ability to see the strengths in every client she comes in contact with. This positivity sets the tone for motivation in treament and the chance for the client to see their issues as simply one aspect of their experience and not who they are as individuals.

    Linsday Hurtt Global ARTery / LMFT-ATR
  • Dr. Wendy has an easy way with people and getting them to open up helping them in both the long and short term overcome obstacles where previously they thought they would never succeed.

  • I began seeing Wendy when I was barely a teenager with issues ranging from OCD to Anxiety, to simple fights with my parents. With Wendy as an outlet for support I have outgrown my old destructive habits, and really have created a new identify for myself where I have learned to deal with my issues in productive and proactive ways. I am now a junior in college student in Washington DC and I still return home to talk to Wendy. She is youthful, understanding, beyond educated and incredible at helping others." A.G. 19 years old

  • Dr. Wendy O'Connor is a wonderfully nurturing, compassionate psychotherapist who works exceptionally well with children/adolescents and their families to help heal not only difficulties with mood and anxiety, but also to help repair broken family systems. I hold her in the highest regard.

    Teri Carlson MD
  • I have collaborated with Dr. Wendy O'Connor with challenging cases and found her to be very professional doing good work and with excellent outcomes.

    Thomans F. Trott MD, Ph. D
  • Somehow, my universe aligned in just the right way and I actually found Wendy. I will forever feel indebted to the people and life experiences that led me to her. My specialty is working with young children. Through the years, I have experienced and come to know many child/adult psychologists- all of whom I believe to be unquestionably competent. Never, however, have I met someone quite like Dr. Wendy M. O'Connor. Wendy is a qualified therapist with a knowledge and understating of people that is unparalleled. Her professionalism, her genuine nature and her non-pathologizing, humanistic approach to her practice make working alongside her such a pleasure. By coincidence, I have a girlfriend who worked with Wendy a handful of years ago. She and I check in once a week, but never without making mention of the profound affect one individual can have on another. She credits Wendy with saving her life. I credits Wendy with completely and powerfully changing mine.