Teens And Technology – On Not Getting Swept Away

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“He who can no longer pause to wonder and stand rapt in awe, is as good as dead; his eyes are closed.” – Albert Einstein

As far as this sweeping quote from Albert Einstein is concerned, it sort of illustrates how most teenagers feel about their lives – they are rapt and in awe of many things; they are ‘alive’ and walk around with their eyes wide open, or certainly should do. By the same token, this in itself makes it easy for them to get swept away by waves of intense emotion, sexuality, drug use, peer pressure, teen-driven advertising, and yes, even technology.

We have to dwell within the realms of reality as far as technology is concerned. Being completely anti-technology would be fine, for a person who lived on their own planet. Being anti-technology on the Earth as we know it today would be anti-survival, so the point is to try and assist our teenagers not to get caught up in the Vortex of technology per se. Just to have a good working knowledge of it, even let them set their sights on technology as a career, but to also set limits and boundaries.

Setting limits and boundaries can be both helpful as well as help teens stay safe. The best defense is always a good education so keeping updated on the latest trends and technology is never a bad thing, and here we are referring to parents. There is as great deal of hype regarding technology and in particular when it comes to using the internet, parents need to know what’s going on. The amount of information available on the internet is mind-boggling, and social networking is the in-thing. It is the mall on a global scale and the place where teens talk to their friends and also meet strangers in cyberspace. Stranger danger is no longer confined to out of doors.

There are many means by which teens may get swept away with technology, and while it is cause for great concern for a teenager to be sat playing games on their computers all day long under the guise of studying, the other concern is social networking. Teens are continually online today, and they don’t have to be inside their rooms to do this any longer with the advent of the smart phone. They can play online games on their phones, just as easily as network with strangers, so this is another concern. Parents need to work around this too by being open and honest with their children.

Parents need to see why their staying updated with technology is just as important as it is for children to be able to use these gadgets. These are grown-up toys and teens need parental guidance. Parents are just as entitled to have a Facebook page as their teenagers are and in fact, it is highly advisable. If you want to know what is going on in your teens life, be sure and make friends with them on Facebook too.

While it is difficult to control personal computers and laptops for teens in their private space, it is actually a great idea to use shared or family computers, in a set workspace which can be safely and discretely monitored, naturally out in the open.

Teens know how to wipe out personal files and password lock personal items and so much more. Parents need to know how to use parental guidance controls and so much more. But teens are far less inclined to go places they shouldn’t be going, or get swept away, if computers and their use by the entire family are kept out in the open. Communal, open use; is more wholesome and natural on the part of the entire family.

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