Staying Grateful


staying gratefulWhen things get tough and the world seems to be throwing more obstacles in your path than you can deal with it can be very hard to remember the things you have to be grateful for.  But remaining focused on the positives in your life and reminding yourself of all the things you have to be grateful for can be one of the best ways to cope when life is hard.  Financial problems, relationship breakdown and the difficulties of juggling demands from work life and home life are all especially hard in the lead up to the holiday season.  Simply getting out of bed in the morning can be more of a struggle in the fall and many people find themselves missing absent friends or family at Thanksgiving and Christmas.

So to help everyone deal with the post-summer blues here are my top tips for remaining grateful as we lead up to the Thanksgiving holiday.

1 – The small things

Look for the little things that bring you joy and celebrate their presence in your life.  It may be your child’s smile, a rainbow on a rainy day, the wind in your hair when cycling to work or a favorite tune on the radio.  Whatever moment in your day brings a smile to your face try to hold on to that moment of joy and remember it if the day gets tougher.

2 – Privilege

In America we are privileged to live in a society which offers us opportunities which are not available to many other people around the world.  We have a culture which rewards hard work and encourages people to be the best they can be.  If things do not go to plan or goals are tougher to reach than originally thought it is worth remembering that other people around the world face difficult or dangerous conditions every day to simply work, go to school or find enough food for their families.

3 – Beauty

It can be found in unexpected places and it means different things to everyone but beauty is there to be seen everyday in many ways. You just have to remember to look out for it and appreciate it when it is there.

4 – Friends and family

When times are hard our friends and family are often the people who get us through.  With their support and encouragement there is no limit to what we can overcome and achieve.  Take some time to reflect on how much they bring into your life and be thankful for the moments you enjoy with them as they may not always be there.

5 – Achievement

No matter how difficult it may seem right now to achieve your goals there will have been moments in the past when you accomplished something that made you proud.  Find confidence from knowing you can achieve and remember the feeling it gave you to spur you on to success in the future.  By remembering and being thankful for your previous achievements you can set yourself up to take a more positive approach to overcoming the things that currently stand in your way.

Finally, as you sit down to your turkey this year try to remember what Thanksgiving is really about, giving thanks for all we have, the blessings and freedoms that our society enjoys and the company of family and friends who join with us in celebrating at this time of year.

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