Life Coaching with Dr. WendyI offer 2 types of sessions: One-on-One In-Person Sessions and convenient Telesessions.

One on one in person sessions will take place in my Los Angeles area office. I have two convenient locations for you to choose from: Brentwood & Encino. I recommend that you live in the Los Angeles area to take advantage of these sessions.

What is a Telesession?

A Telesession (Tele-therapy) is a new way to experience a professional relationship between a therapist and client. Online counseling/therapy means that someone is always there when you need to talk. I offer two types of sessions as a licensed professional.

Private Online Skype/Google Video – online, one to one, face to face via internet.

Phone Counseling – As your therapist, I will call you and we will have phone sessions as scheduled.

I am committed to providing excellence in our online counseling/therapeutic clinical service and customer care.

On Going Sessions

During our work together (key word together), it is my belief the connection, attachment, trust and rapport we build will be the foundation of moving forward in a positive direction, changing life where you are more in control and able to go for your goals is a proactive and confident way. Identification of triggers leading to negative actions, and replacing them with coping tools that are realistic and specifically tailored for your own life with inspiration, ambition and motivation… that is our goal.

It is my belief that as we build our therapeutic relationship, consistency is best.  Scheduling weekly appointments is best.  As I do my best to learn how we can make positive life change, I will need your assistance in keeping regular, consistent weekly appointments so our work goes more smoothly and change can occur in positive directions.  I am here for you and your family.  I am also available as needed basis as you’re on call therapist and new helper in your life.  Together we will find new ways to take control of life and celebrate all it has to offer.  I am excited and looking forward to working with you in the future.

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Please call 911 if you are experiencing a life threatening emergency.