Loving Menopause & Manopause

menopause & manopauseAs much as we don’t like to admit it, everyone goes through the aging process. Men and women, alike, experience relatable symptoms during the “change of life.” The key to successful relationships during this time period is to recognize and embrace the changes together. Learn about what to expect with each other’s change, and commit to love and patience to support each other endlessly.

While men will not experience their own personal summer during their change of life, they will experience significant changes. As testosterone decreases in the male’s body, they have a tendency to become more passive. However, with passivity, there is irritability and grumpiness. The man is losing his manliness, so to speak, in the romance department. As his partner, this is your opportunity to beef up his ego, and make him feel loved in ways that you know work. If you know his love language, this is the opportunity to use it.

Women joke about the misery of menopause with the hot flashes, weight gain, and mood swings. All joking aside, the reduction of estrogen in the female body wreaks havoc in a lady’s world. Here’s the solution. A woman’s adrenal gland is designed to come to the rescue when estrogen is depleted. However, if a woman is consistently in a state of stress, the adrenal glands do not have the opportunity to do their job. Therefore, as her partner, promote stress-free environments, and stress-less opportunities. This will help her to feel loved more than you know.

Our relationships should be a safe haven for retreat when life gets tough. The more we know about the change of life, the more we can help our partner feel safe, secure, and loved through the toughest transition. The happiness hormone, oxytocin, is a lifesaver during the change for women and men. Both partners can be put at ease by generating oxytocin through positive communication, romance, cuddling, and simply helping each other. Keep loving each other through the best moments to get to golden moments.

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