Love And Marriage… The 7 Year Itch!

Couple in supermarketThere are very few married (or unmarried) couples who have not heard of the proverbial “7 Year Itch”. This titular phrase is even coined by psychologists to describe a decline in interest between couples who have been monogamous for a number of years. The words come from a romantic comedy of the same name, made in the US in 1955, starring Marilyn Monroe and Tom Ewell. The most iconic scene in this movie is – Monroe standing over subway grate as her white dress is blown up by the rush of hot air made by a train passing below.

Despite the blanket acceptance that many couples have that the 7 year itch is real entity, there are many very simple ways to keep love alive. No matter how many years people have been married. It takes lots of praise, affection, attention, time for rejuvenation, and of course sex.

While many experts agree to disagree around the phenomenon of the seven-year itch, there is some consensus that the arrival of children may factor. Getting them through their infant years can be quite trying. Other pundits such as Rudolph Steiner suggest that both minds and bodies, change every seven years. In fact he based an entire theory regarding human development founded on his astrology observations.

Some theories suggest that after seven “long” years of marriage, couples just don’t find one-another exciting any more. Little traits, habits and silly things that really are not that important at the start of the relationship, now become more irritating than nails on a chalkboard. We have all heard the jokes about drinking milk out of the container, leaving the toilet seat up, leaving dirty clothing on the floor and more.

Don’t for a minute believe that because this phrase might be uttered by experts, that it is a proven phenomenon. However, studies have also proven that couples do go through cycles of difficulty, most often the 3rd, 4th, 7th, and 12th year of marriage. It is noted that a more rapid decline takes place in couples with children, however, being armed with this knowledge, could be the precise knowledge required to nip any ‘itches’ in the bud.

There is absolutely no magic number to time when a marriage might fall apart. We need to be aware at all times, that we might be the next statistic in a divorce percentages survey. But there is a light at the end of what might seem like a very long and dark tunnel and it is very simple really; we have to work at it to keep marriage alive.

Have sex, date nights without the children, ship them off to their grandparent for a weekend, or for the whole summer if you like. These people were good enough to bring you up, what harm can they do to your children? Basically couples need to make the extra effort required to prioritize their relationship, and do this every single day. In this instance the old proverb is right, it does take two to tango, and generally speaking when a couple dances, we women do this in high heels backwards.


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