DrWendyLifeCoachingPersonal life coaching is the secret to success for so many people. Coaching is a process of partnering with clients in a creative and mentally stimulating atmosphere which will inspire the client to capitalize on his or her professional and personal potential. In life coaching sessions, the client will have the opportunity to practice with the most professional tools and techniques, which will in the most effective coaching experience possible. In today’s economy and social environments, the client’s future can appear very complex and ambiguous. Coaches value the client’s previous experiences in life, and encourage the client to advance his or her outlook in their professional and personal life. Coaching sessions can help a client define their direction in life, enhance decision making skills, and help them develop a plan for life objectives.

Life coaching sessions can help the client to identify themes or patterns of behavior, style of communication, and determine methods to achieve the desired goals. The goals are often determined cooperatively with the client and therapist, and may relate to many diverse areas of the client’s life. These areas may include physical, emotional, financial, spiritual, relationship, and professional well-being. It is the coach’s responsibility to define the expectations with the client, encourage self-discovery, and hold the client responsible and accountable.

Each client and therapist relationship is unique. However, each relationship is conducted in compliance with a strict code of ethics and professional boundaries that will result in a relationship that is based on honesty, respect, and integrity. All discussions during the sessions are considered confidential at the client’s request, and are focused on advancing the client in their professional or personal journey.

You may be wondering what the difference is between counseling and coaching. In coaching sessions, the therapist and client are partners and working together on an equal plane. Coaching sessions are focused on goal achievement of the client, and allows the client to be creative in that process. Coaching sessions are primarily focused on the present and future of the client. Counseling sessions are more focused on the past. The therapist in the counselor role is often poised as the expert, especially in emotional issues. Counseling sessions focus on helping the client to understand the past, and may also deal with acceptance and closure of past experiences. Counseling is intent on resolving past issues to allow the client the opportunity to live fully in the present.

The decision to pursue life coaching is an empowering moment. As the client, you will be in control, and motivated to become self-aware of your individual talents while discovering personal gifts that previously may have been untapped. Coaching can be a very enlightening chapter in a client’s life, and making that journey together with an effective coach can be life changing. As the author, C.S. Lewis, once proclaimed, “You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.”

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