Dating – Stay Open And Make It Creative


Dating is much like the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears – one must try out many possible options until the best and most comfortable fit is found. It pays to be patient, STAY OPEN, and try different dating styles, ways, and types. While this may be frustrating, it can also be creative, playful and interesting.

Being single is not always easy, but is certainly easier for some people. There are singles out there who treat their relationship status as a part-time-job. But there are tons of simple creative ideas for finding love in all the right places. Try Groupon, Social Living, Meet Events, etcetera. Even a grocery or hardware store, but the main thing is to stay positive, playful and open.

First off, a few small tips toward meeting someone, if taken note of, will go a very long way. For example always try to look nice, and always wear a smile. It is amazing how hard it is to meet the right person, when wearing flip-flops, track pants and unwashed hair. No matter where you happen to be. Good personal hygiene, and looking neat and tidy will go a very long way, while dressing up to the nines to go to a hardware store or the library is just a little over the top. But most importantly remember that your smile is your best accessory.

By the way libraries and bookstores are considered to be a very creative and fun way to meet both men and women. The types of people who frequent these nice quiet environments are generally guaranteed to be intelligent. Tech stores are a great place to meet men, and an easy place to start up conversations.

Another creative way to encourage dating is to get involved in charity work. Certainly if this kind of work is interesting to you, you could be killing two birds with one stone. Doing good, while meeting like-minded people who also enjoy doing good, and creating the potential to meet someone who might meet your dating criteria.

If you are a dog owner, take it out for as many walks as you can, the dog will love you for it, your waistline will benefit, and like-minded dog owners are always attracted to one another. Dogs love to socialize too. In fact I have a male friend who babysits my Miniature Pincher from time to time. The fact that he is sitting my little lap-dog gets him so much attention from the girls. He calls Max his chick magnet. But do be truthful about sitting the dog, no need to tell untruths about owning a pet.

Both men and women love a relaxing pampering treat, this is no longer only for women. This is a fun creative way for men to meet women, and one of the best ways to land up with prize partner. It is also acceptable for men to take dance classes instead of go to the gym, and there could not be a better way to meet people as well as shed a few pounds. A man who can dance will never lack for a partner.

These few examples are the tip of the iceberg of ideas for people to meet with a view to dating. Being open-minded, willing to experiment, and friendly is key. Being single is by no means a punishment, it is to be enjoyed with a view to learning from past mistakes possibly.

First dates or meeting new people does not need to be the usual (been-there-done-that) song-and- dance of having dinner and drinks at restaurants and bars that we already know so well. We can make healthy choices too, dating is supposed to be fun, not boozy or boring. There are plenty of alternative ideas for meeting new people and dating, and these ideas should be taken advantage of by everyone who wants to get back in the dating game.

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