But Cheating Sounds So Sexy!

cheatingHollywood and social media can make a flirtatious juicy romp sound so enticing. Popular songs are flooded with secret love affairs, and the heartache of missing your lover at night. Then when a few erotic novels are swirled into the mix, a perfect cocktail for a cheating fantasy is created.

Human sexuality is incredibly complex. Our sexual preferences are somewhat determined, but the actions and responses of our sexual behavior are rarely planned. Spontaneity is the ruler of most of our sexual behavior. That’s why our daily routines regarding our sex lives can cause our relationships to become so boring and vanilla. This spawns the temptation of cheating.

Promises are made to be kept, and faithfulness is part of that commitment in any relationship. Love, betrayal, reason, and logic are hard players against our emotions. Emotions will cause you to make sexually charged decisions. Romantic love, sexual desire, and our attachment patterns will drive impulsive decisions, and will often be very confusing.

In these situations, it is likely that you may make a decision that normally you would find appalling. There are many factors that my drive this spontaneous behavior: being close to someone other than your spouse / partner, being the subject of flirty behavior, not feeling connected to your spouse or partner, feeling lonely, or having an opportunity of never being caught.

Sometimes we make poor decisions. That is the bottom line. However, if you have self‐restraint, or know your warning signs. For example, if you know you need extra affection from your partner. Then take the time to seek out that affection. You made a promise. You made a commitment. Being faithful has a much greater payoff in trust, than one night of adventure. Before you make that decision, strongly consider what you may be throwing away.

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